About Us

Cyberview Company Profile

Establishment: February 2005


Cyberview Faith


  • Proud of our customers
  • More than 50% of customers signing long-term (three-year) contract
  • 90% customer retention rate


  • The only policy
  • The only capital


  • Transparent Information (maintenance details, implementation mode)
  • Happy to pass down the technique and experience, simultaneous learning


Cyberview Major Milestone

  • 2005 Founded
  • 2005 Signed Asia distributor contract with U.S. Meetinghouse
  • 2006 Signed Greater China distributor contract with U.S. CyberArk
  • 2006 Establish a new generation of customer support center
  • 2006 Introduced PMP project management technology in IT management
  • 2007 Launched innovative maintenance service (Room equipment complete repair, IT consultant manager)
  • 2007 Launched its own electronic file protection system (DOFS)
  • 2009 Become a major partner of IBM, ISSDU security products
  • 2010 Join Qservice Group
  • 2011 Storage total sales exceeded 1 Perabyte (1024T)
  • 2012 Contract Taiwan Bank “Central Connection Security Platform” project
  • 2013 Hua Nan Bank, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and other major customers
  • 2014 Fight for EMC Advanced Consolidation T1 partner (two in Taiwan)
  • 2014 StoreOne agency
  • 2016 Votiro agency
  • 2017 RedSocks, XRVision, GamaSec, Ericom agency

Professional Certification

  • The total seniority for Cyberview three groups in the IT industry is about 70 years
  • Junior is about two years or more
  • Senior is about 15 to 20 years
  • Each group principal engineer is about 10 years
  • At least one or more professional certification of each person
  • IBM p Series Administrator
  • IBM p Series System Support
  • IBM x Series technical support
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Cisco SMB partner
  • EMC Authentica authorized developer
  • CyberArk Certified Partner
  • CyberArk Certified Support Engineer
  • Zyxel Certified Partner
  • Microsoft SQL MCP
  • PMI Project Management Professional
  • SonicWall System Administrator

Professional Service

Service Profile

  • Technical professional service (Internet, Unix, Windows, Program, PC, Printers, Project Management)
  • Disaster recovery practical exercise (Disaster Recovery Certification)
  • Customer service website system with a standardized form
  • 100% spare parts available (Self-provided, Import, Contracted with the original authorized service center)
  • Grow with customers(Visit, Self-training, Distributor, Orignal)

Product Customization Localization Services

  • Authentica digital property management system integration (PLM, Document management center)
  • CyberArk PEA module、System integration plug-in
  • Make a localized interface for each distributed products


Product Overview

Why Cyberview?

  • Cyberview is a professional VAD(Value Added Distributor). We have the power of “Technical”, “Sales” and “Marketing”. Become the strongest and most powerful backing of partner and customer.
  • With many years of experience importing products, we introduce concepts and technologies to the Taiwan market. Let us know about the competitiveness of Taiwan and the R&D strengths of Taiwan’s software vendors.
  • In the future, We will plan to bring Taiwan’s best products to the “International Stage” through our accumulated experience and strength in the global IT market. Let MIT not only synonymous with IT hardware, but also will be a professional software brand.